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ISPS - Integrated Seatpost Standard

Eightpins ISPS is the consistently executed integration solution seat which serves the full range of leg lengths at maximumease and minimal service effort.

Together with several bicycle manufacturers, Eightpins has developed the seat post standard of the future. Two different seat post configurations, each with 4 (S to XL) or 6 (XS to XXL) sizes, provide a 99% and 90% coverage of all bike rider sizes without any change of the seat post sytem. The remaining 1% or 10%, which have an extreme ratio between leg to frame length, can be supported by simply exchanging the seat post tube or by installing reduction spacers.

Customers receive their bike and set the desired saddle height within secondes in two simple steps. Replacing the entire seat post due to too much or too little stroke is unnecessary. The available stroke is drastically increased by the innovative Eightpins system. Short bike riders always get the maximum lowering of the saddle for the maximum freedom of movement. Trail riders also benefit from a maximum stroke.

The Bowden cable always remains in the same position and is no longer moved in the frame when the height is adjusted. No more problems with bowden cables that are too short, too long or kinked.


Statistical basis of ISPS

The design of the Eightpins seat post configuration is based on the statistical evaluation of a body height survey of approx. 1000 people. This evaluation shows that 99% of all bike riders are in a seat height adjustment range of 308mm. Above and below, there are few exceptions. The Eightpins sizing scheme have been developed on the basis of this data. The actual saddle height was calculated by multiplying the stride length by the factor of 0.885. It was also assumed that a saddle with an average construction height of approx. 40mm is used.

Maximum travel NGS2168192216228240258
Maximum travel H01141159175185196212
Crank length165165170175175180
Highest top position707749785821857899
Adjusting range 102102102114126132
Lowest top position605647683707731767
ISPS with 4 sizesSMLXL
Maximum travel NGS2168192210228
Maximum travel H01144162175196
Crank length165170175175
Upper top position725773821881
Adjusting range114120132150
Lowest top position611653689731


Simple engineering

No more compromises when adapting the saddle heights! The seat post no longer needs to be changed in the dealer’s shop or at the customer’s due to too much or too little stroke. Working out the correct seat tube length is history.

The new Eightpins standard provides the right seat tube length for every frame size. The Postpin mounting axle is in all frames 85mm above the bottom bracket. This is high enough to be compatible wiht all new common e-bike motors.

E-bike ready!

Solid anchoring

The Postpin mounting standard anchors the seat post firmly with the postpin axle in the seat tube. It can be easily integrated into carbon-, aluminum- and steel frames. The orientation must be in the middle of the alignment of the seat post. All integrated Eightpins seat posts are compatible with this integration standard.

Easy height adjustment

At the customer, adpating to the individual saddle height is child’s play. Simply sit on the bike and set the desired height using the control lever for the lowering function. Then get off the bike and use a small allen key to open and close the height adjustment control once. Ready. Done.

Exchange Eightpins NGS 2 seat post tube