Overview shipping and delivery and its costs

We adjust our shipping rates from 22.9.2022: the good news is that the prime rates remain unchanged. However, the sharp rise in fuel costs led to the fact that Eightpins has been charged by the parcel delivery companies during the past months for the sharp rise in diesel costs in the form of special surcharges. These surcharges are in the meantime so high that we have to charge them partly:
+ 20% diesel surcharge for GLS
+ 30% diesel surcharge for UPS


Austrian Post: € 7.90
GLS: € 7.90

GLS: € 9.90

Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary

GLS 12,90 €


GLS 19,90 €


UPS 24,90 € excl. customs clearance


GLS: € 14.90


UPS 24,90 € excl. customs clearance